2014-15 Master Schedule
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Day Time Sport   OpponentLocation
Sat3011:30AMVolleyball @ Monmouth CollegeMonmouth, IL
Sat301:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Illinois CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat301:30PMVolleyball @ MacMurray CollegeMonmouth, IL
Sat303:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Illinois CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat303:30PMVolleyball @ Lincoln Christian UniversityMonmouth, IL
Tue27:00PMVolleyball @ Coe CollegeCedar Rapids, IA
Thu47:00PMVolleyball vs. Simpson CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri51:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Northland CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri53:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Northland CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat61:00PMFootball vs. Simpson CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sun72:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Rockford CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Mon8 Men's GolfMidwest Collegiate Invitational- The Preserve G.C.
Mon8 Women's GolfMidwest Collegiate Invitational-The Preserve G.C.Moravia, IA
Tue9 Men's GolfMidweset Collegiate Invitational- The Preserve G.C.
Tue9 Women's GolfMidwest Collegiate Invitational-The Preserve G.C.Moravia, IA
Tue97:00PMVolleyball @ Central CollegePella, IA
Wed105:00PMMen's Soccer @ Cornell CollegeMount Vernon, IA
Thu115:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Cornell CollegeMount Vernon, IA
Sat1310:00AMVolleyball @ Blackburn CollegeCarlinville, IL
Sat1312:00PMVolleyball vs. Fontbonne UniversityCarlinville, IL
Sat131:00PMFootball vs. Saint SchoalsticaMount Pleasant, IA
Sun14 Men's GolfClarke University Fall Classic- Thunder Hills G.C.
Mon15 Men's GolfClarke Unviersity Fall Classic- Thunder Hills G.C.
Mon15 Women's GolfSimpson College Invitational-Indianola Country ClubIndianola, IA
Wed172:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Faith Baptist Bible CollegeAnkeny, IA
Thu184:30PMMen's Soccer @ Trinity International UniversityDeerfield, IL
Fri196:00PMVolleyball @ Webster UniversityWebster Groves, MO
Fri198:00PMVolleyball @ Spalding UniversityWebster Groves, MO
Sat2011:00AMVolleyball @ Westminster CollegeClayton, MO
Sat2012:00PMFootball @ University of Minnesota-MorrisMorris, MN
Sat201:00PMMen's Soccer @ Maranatha Baptist Bible CollegeWatertown, WI
Sat201:00PMVolleyball vs. Spalding UniversityClayton, MO
Sun21 Men's GolfMacMurray DIII Fall Invitational- The Links G.C.
Sun21 Women's GolfMacMurray College Division III Fall Inviatational-The Links G.C.Jacksonville, IL
Mon22 Men's GolfMacMurray DIII Fall Invitational- The Links G.C.
Mon22 Women's GolfMacMurray College Division III Fall Invitational-The Links G.C.Jacksonville, IL
Tue234:30PMMen's Soccer @ Clarke UniversityDubuque, IA
Tue237:00PMVolleyball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Fri263:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Webster UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Fri263:00PMVolleyball vs. AIB College of BusinessMount Pleasant, IA
Sat272:00PMFootball vs. MacMurray CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat273:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Webster UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Mon29 Men's GolfCentral College Shootout- Bos Landen G.C.
Tue307:00PMVolleyball @ Clarke UniversityDubuque, IA
Thu27:00PMVolleyball vs. Central CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri36:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Spalding UniversityElsah, IL
Fri38:00PMMen's Soccer @ Spalding UniversityElsah, IL
Sat412:00PMVolleyball @ Greenville CollegeWebster Groves, MO
Sat41:00PMFootball @ Crown CollegeSt. Bonifacius, MN
Sat42:00PMVolleyball @ Webster UniversityWebster Groves, MO
Sun5 Men's GolfWaldorf Invitational- Bear Creek G.C.
Sun5 Women's GolfWarrior Fall Classic-Bear Creek G.C.Forest City, IA
Tue77:00PMVolleyball vs. MacMurray CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat111:00PMFootball vs. Martin Luther CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat111:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Fontbonne UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Sat111:00PMVolleyball @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Sat113:00PMMen's Soccer @ Fontbonne UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Sat113:00PMVolleyball vs. Benedictine University at SpringfieldGreenville, IL
Mon13 Men's GolfUSCAA National Tournament- Penn State Blue Course G.C.
Mon131:00PMVolleyball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Mon135:00PMVolleyball vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Tue14 Men's GolfUSCAA National Tournament- Penn State Blue Course G.C.
Wed155:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Wed157:00PMMen's Soccer @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Thu167:00PMVolleyball @ AIB College of BusinessDes Moines, IA
Sat1811:00AMVolleyball @ Principia CollegeElsah, IL
Sat181:00PMFootball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat181:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat183:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Tue217:00PMVolleyball @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Wed221:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. MacMurray CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Wed223:00PMMen's Soccer vs. MacMurray CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat2510:00AMVolleyball vs. Eureka CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat251:00PMFootball @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Sat252:00PMWomen's Soccer @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Sat252:00PMVolleyball vs. Principia CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat254:00PMMen's Soccer @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Wed291:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Eureka CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
 Pink Out-Breast Cancer Awareness Game
Wed293:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Eureka CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Thu307:00PMVolleyball @ Saint Ambrose UniversityDavenport, IA
Sat11:00PMFootball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Sat11:00PMWomen's Soccer vs. Principia CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat13:00PMMen's Soccer vs. Principia CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Tue47:00PMVolleyball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Sat81:00PMFootball vs. University of NorthwesternMt. Pleasant, IA
Mon177:00PMMen's Basketball @ Central Christian CollegeMoberly, MO
Thu207:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Simpson CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Fri214:00PMMen's Basketball @ Ozark Christian CollegeAnkeny, IA
 Faith Baptist Tournament
Sat221:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Mount Mercy UniversityCedar Rapids, IA
Sat224:00PMMen's Basketball @ Faith Baptist Bible CollegeAnkeny, IA
 Faith Baptist Tournament
Tue257:30PMMen's Basketball @ Knox CollegeGalesburg, IL
Fri2812:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Whitman CollegeColorado Springs, CO
 Colorado College Tournament
Sat2912:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Rose-Hulman Institute of TechnologyColorado Springs, CO
 Colorado College Tournament
Wed36:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Eureka CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Wed38:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Eureka CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat61:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Blackburn CollegeCarlinville, IL
Sat63:00PMMen's Basketball @ Blackburn CollegeCarlinville, IL
Sat131:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Fontbonne UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Sat133:00PMMen's Basketball @ Fontbonne UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Tue166:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Viterbo UniversityLaCrosse, WI
Mon292:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Washington UniversityWaverly, IA
 Wartburg Tournament
Tue301:00PMWomen's Basketball @ College of Saint BenedictWaverly, IA
 Wartburg Tournament
Sat31:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Greenville CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat33:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Greenville CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Tue66:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. MacMurray CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Tue68:00PMMen's Basketball vs. MacMurray CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Thu86:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Webster UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Thu88:00PMMen's Basketball @ Webster UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Sat101:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Spalding UniversityLouisville, KY
Sat103:00PMMen's Basketball @ Spalding UniversityLouisville, KY
Wed146:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Westminster CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Wed148:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Westminster CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat171:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Principia CollegeElsah, IL
Sat173:00PMMen's Basketball @ Principia CollegeElsah, IL
Tue207:00PMMen's Basketball @ Lincoln Christian UniversityLincoln, IL
Sat241:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Sat243:00PMMen's Basketball @ Greenville CollegeGreenville, IL
Thu296:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Spalding UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
 Tiger Spirit Night
Thu298:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Spalding UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
 Tiger Spirit Night
Sat311:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Blackburn CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat313:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Blackburn CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Wed46:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Wed48:00PMMen's Basketball @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Sat71:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Webster UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat73:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Webster UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat141:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat143:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMt. Pleasant, IA
Mon166:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Mon168:00PMMen's Basketball @ Westminster CollegeFulton, MO
Wed186:00PMWomen's Basketball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Wed188:00PMMen's Basketball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Sat211:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Principia CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Sat213:00PMMen's Basketball vs. Principia CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Tue246:00PMWomen's Basketball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Tue248:00PMMen's Basketball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Wed41:00PMWomen's Basketball vs. Alfred StateUniontown, PA
 USCAA National Tournament
Wed45:00PMMen's Basketball @ Berea CollegeUniontown, PA
 USCAA National Tournament
Thu59:00AMMen's Basketball @ St. Joseph's CollegeUniontown, PA
 USCAA National Tournament-Consolation
Fri68:00AMWomen's Basketball vs. The Apprentice SchoolUniontown, PA
 USCAA National Tournament-Consolation
Fri64:15PMSoftball @ St. Mary-of-the-Woods CollegeElizabethtown, KY
 USCAA Tournament
Fri65:00PMMen's Basketball @ Florida National UniversityUniontown, PA
 USCAA National Tournament-Consolation
Fri67:45PMSoftball @ Indiana University SoutheastElizabethtown, KY
 USCAA Tournament
Sat710:00AMSoftball @ Lindenwood University-BellevilleElizabethtown, KY
 USCAA Tournament
Sat712:00PMSoftball @ Penn St-New KensingtonElizabethtown, KY
 USCAA Tournament
Sun810:30AMBaseball @ Richard StocktonWinterhaven, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Mon910:30AMSoftball vs. Pennsylvania College of TechnologyMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Mon911:00AMBaseball vs. Cazenovia CollegeLakeland, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Mon9Game 2Baseball vs. Cazenovia CollegeLakeland, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Mon912:30PMSoftball vs. Penn State-HarrisburgMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Tue1012:30PMSoftball @ Dickinson CollegeMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Tue102:30PMSoftball @ Methodist CollegeMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Wed1110:30AMSoftball vs. Mount Aloysius CollegeMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Wed1112:30PMSoftball vs. Bridgewater CollegeMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Wed112:00PMBaseball @ University of Pittsburgh-GreensburgAuburndale, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Wed11Game 2Baseball vs. University of Pittsburgh-GreensburgAuburndale, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Thu1210:30AMSoftball vs. Delaware Valley CollegeMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Thu1212:30PMSoftball @ SUNY Institute of TechnologyMyrtle Beach, SC
 Snowbird Tournament
Thu124:30PMBaseball vs. Mount St. JosephWinterhaven, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Sat1410:00AMBaseball @ Principia CollegeAuburndale, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Sat14Game 2Baseball @ Principia CollegeAuburndale, FL
 Spring Break Trip
Wed183:00PMBaseball vs. Monmouth CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat211:00PMSoftball vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat21Game 2Softball vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat213:00PMBaseball @ Webster UniversitySauget, IL
Sat21Game 2Baseball @ Webster UniversitySauget, IL
Sun2212:00PMBaseball @ Webster UniversitySauget, IL
Tue243:00PMSoftball @ LorasDubuque, IA
Tue24Game 2Softball @ LorasDubuque, IA
Wed254:00PMBaseball vs. Monmouth CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
Fri272:00PMBaseball vs. Greenville CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri27Game 2Baseball vs. Greenville CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri275:00PMSoftball @ Webster UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Fri27Game 2Softball @ Webster UniversityElsah, IL
Sat28 Women's GolfDay 1 - Illinois College Women's Golf Spring Invitational-The Links G.C.Jacksonville, IL
Sat2812:00PMSoftball @ Principia CollegeElsah, IL
Sat281:00PMBaseball vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat28Game 2Softball @ Principia CollegeElsah, IL
Sat28Game 2Baseball vs. Blackburn CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sun29 Women's GolfDay 2 - Illinois College Women's Golf Spring Invitational-The Links G.C.Jacksonville, IL
Sun291:00PMMen's GolfGorlock Spring Invitational-Webster UiversityAberdeen Golf Club-Eureka, MO
Sun291:00PMSoftball vs. Knox CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sun29Game 2Softball vs. Knox CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Mon3010:00AMMen's GolfGorlock Spring Invitational-Webster UiversitySunset Country Club-St. Louis, MO
Tue313:00PMBaseball @ Robert Morris University-SpringfieldSpringfield, IL
Tue31Game 2Baseball @ Robert Morris University-SpringfieldSpringfield, IL
Wed13:00PMSoftball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Wed1Game 2Softball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri31:00PMSoftball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Fri33:00PMBaseball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Fri3Game 2Softball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Sat41:00PMBaseball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Sat4Game 2Baseball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Mon6 Women's GolfIWC Tiger Classic-Schaeffer G.C.Fort Madison, IA
Mon611:00AMMen's GolfIWC Tiger ClassicShaeffer Golf Course-Ft. Madison, IA
Tue7 Women's Golf vs. Waldorf CollegeFort Madison, IA
 Dual vs Waldorf
Wed85:30PMBaseball vs. Cornell CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri103:00PMSoftball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Fri10Game 2Softball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Sat111:00PMBaseball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Sat11Game 2Baseball @ MacMurray CollegeJacksonville, IL
Sat113:00PMSoftball vs. Spalding UniversityGreenville, IL
Sat11Game 2Softball vs. Spalding UniversityGreenville, IL
Sun121:00PMBaseball vs. Spalding UniversityEureka, IL
Sun12Game 2Baseball vs. Spalding UniversityEureka, IL
Mon1310:00AMMen's GolfMcNaughton Memorial Classic-Illinois CollegeJacksonville Country Club-Jacksonville, IL
Wed153:00PMSoftball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Wed15Game 2Softball @ Eureka CollegeEureka, IL
Wed155:00PMBaseball vs. Washington UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Thu1611:00AMMen's GolfJV Triangular (William Penn, Simpson, IWC)Edmundsen Golf Course- Oskaloosa, IA
Sat181:00PMBaseball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat18Game 2Baseball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat181:00PMSoftball vs. Greenville CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sat18Game 2Softball vs. Greenville CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Sun191:00PMBaseball vs. Westminster CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Mon209:00AMMen's GolfSLIAC Conference TournamentAberdeen Golf Club-Eureka, MO
Tue219:00AMMen's GolfSLIAC Conference TournamentAberdeen Golf Club-Eureka, MO
Tue213:30PMSoftball @ Grinnell CollegeGrinnell, IA
Tue21Game 2Softball @ Grinnell CollegeGrinnell, IA
Tue216:00PMBaseball vs. Cornell CollegeMt. Pleasant, IA
 Make up date
Wed223:00PMBaseball @ Washington UniversitySt. Louis, MO
Wed224:30PMSoftball vs. Illinois CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Wed22Game 2Softball vs. Illinois CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Fri2412:00PMMen's GolfScot-Fire Golf InvitationalSoangetaha Country Club-Galesburg, IL
Sat258:30AMMen's GolfScot-Fire Golf InvitationalGibson Woods Golf Course-Monmouth, IL
Sat254:00PMBaseball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Sat25Game 2Baseball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Sun2612:00PMBaseball vs. Fontbonne UniversityMount Pleasant, IA
Sun262:00PMSoftball vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldMount Pleasant, IA
Sun26Game 2Softball vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldMount Pleasant, IA
Wed291:00PMBaseball @ Lincoln Christian UniversityLincoln, IL
Wed29Game 2Baseball @ Lincoln Christian UniversityLincoln, IL
Wed296:00PMSoftball vs. Knox CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Wed29Game 2Softball vs. Knox CollegeMount Pleasant, IA
Thu303:00PMBaseball vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldMount Pleasant, IA
Thu30Game 2Baseball vs. Robert Morris University-SpringfieldMount Pleasant, IA
Sat21:00PMBaseball @ Robert Morris University-PeoriaPeoria, IL